About me

Sri Lanka

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my website!

My name is Tina, you can also call me “tien-tien” (in Chinese).

So, where does the name “tiny backpacker” come from? Here is the reason:
I like to do backpacking and I also always carry my camera bag whenever and wherever I travel. Since my name is Tina and I’m quite tiny, my colleague always call me tiny Tina. So that’s why I came up with the name tiny backpacker 🙂

I come from Taiwan and live currently with my husband in Germany. Since November 2019, we moved to a very nice and beautiful city, Heidelberg. So you will also see some articles about Heidelberg on this website.

My husband and I like to travel a lot and we always spend our yearly vacation on exploring the world.

So far we’ve been to:

Africa: Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.

Europe: Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Green, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Island, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Switzerland.

Asia: Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Myanmar, Hong Kong and of course Taiwan.

America: USA and Mexico.

Oceania: New Zealand, Australia and Tahiti.

As to our fan page name, we will keep scratching off more countries on our scratching map!

Cooperation: tinybackpacker@outlook.com